Managing fever at home.

Managing fever at home

With viral fever on the spread managing fever at home has been quite a task.
A task that leaves parents worried as hell. A simple guide to help you through.

A temp of 100°F is mostly due to the environment around us…so don’t panic over it.

🌡️100.1-101°F temp… Give syrup paracetamol every 6hrly and incase if a fever spike comes in between this 6hour interval, give Syrup ibuprofen.
The meds take 1 to 1.5 hr to relieve fever. If fever is taking long to come down, start tap water sponging. (never on the chest).

🌡️If temp 102°F: Give shower. Dry baby completely. Especially hair. Do not put directly under fan/Ac for next 1 hr.

🌡️Temp 103°F: Put alcohol swab 2 to 3 in each axilla(under arm) for 15 to 20 mins.

🌡️Temp 104°F: RUSH to any Hospital Emergency department with Peads set up.

⚠️At any time the fever is persistent for more than an hour or two, take time to get things ready, arrange some transportation and by the end of hour two if still the situation is same to Rush to ER.

✓DISCLAIMER: These guidelines are suggested by me as per my experience with patients.

Febrile fits💁

If during high grade fever the child starts to roll up his eyes, vomits, pass urine or stool and starts moving his arms and legs excessively or stiffens the limbs…. The baby is said to have FITS. More specifically febrile fits which happen during the age of 6months to 6 years.

What to do during the fit?🤷

💉First of all remain calm. Get hold of your nerves. Panicking will not help. Do observe the duration of the fits.

💉The baby should be placed on a flat surface in Left Lateral position. (turned on the side towards left). To prevent the baby from hurting himself.

💉Nothing should be put in the baby’s mouth (NOT EVEN MEDICINE OR WATER). As it can cause obstruction and make the breathing difficult.

💉Call for help. The baby has to be taken to the hospital. Where an injectable or a suppository shall be given to control the fits.

💉Might need a 24 hour admission in hospital at first febrile fits for workup and observation.

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