Mangosteen~Queen of fruits.

Living in Asia, every child knows the king πŸ‘‘ of fruits….MANGO. But nobody was ever able to tell us the queen πŸ‘Έ of fruits. MANGOSTEEN….oh no its no cousin brother of mango nor a younger mango at all.
Mangosteen is one of the exotic fruits available in south Asia that has no relation or even slightest connection to a mango. πŸ˜‚
Smaller than a fist, round in shape, rusty-purple colored balls with dull green sepals arranged in a very artistic manner. Some what rubbery to touch and smells very faintly as if strawberries πŸ“ had been kept very close to peaches πŸ‘ .
When you try to cut it open with a knife the rind is initially hard to get in but then cuts around smoothly. When you lift off the top its quite beautiful to see white colored pods resting peacefully in the cup. For a second it looks like a scene when you see a pearl sitting in an oyster. And u simply overwhelmed by its simplicity and elegance. When you scoop these pods out they are so delicate, so slippery and irresistible that you just put them into your mouth. And what you get to taste is the most intriguing flavor which is sweetly-tart. Mangosteen has a taste that is very difficult to explain but let me try. They tasted like peaches πŸ‘ with a dash of strawberry πŸ“ and pineapple🍍 . The pulp simply melts into ur mouth releasing a juice that makes the taste lingers for a while. Each pod has seeds inside it. The more mature the mangosteen the bitter the seeds.
This exotic fruit with such peculiar taste has been found to have lots of benefits as well which are controlling heart rate and regulating blood pressure, it has xanthones that fight against pain, allergies, various infectiins and skin disorders. The most important role it has been found to have is its potential to slow the growth of cancer causing cells. Somewhat chemopreventive as well.
Do the next time you visit South Asia make it a point to try the queen of fruits. And i can assure you that after having one you wont be able to stop yourself from grabbing a few more. We never knew there was an entirely different world of fruits where as we were just stuck on to apples,bananas and mangoes.~Which of the favors of your LORD shall ye deny.
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