Sterilization of bottles.

A post has been quite viral in the past couple of days. My two cents on the topic are as follows.
First and foremost : Hands down breast milk is the best. No other way about it But due to any reason If you are expressing the milk and giving it to the baby when you can’t feed directly, use cup and spoon feed. Because if the baby becomes habitual of the bottle nipple in which milk comes with ease, he will stop taking feed directly from the mother. However, if you have to give a bottle here’s how to go about it.
How to sterilize a baby’s bottle
A. Use a sterilizer
B. U

se the following method:

Buy four BPA FREE bottles. Or glass bottles. Do the following process every morning.

*Wash all four bottles.

*Fill a large, clean pot with enough water to cover the bottles.

*Submerge the freshly washed bottles in the water upside down.

*Bring the water to a boil.

*Boil the bottles for five minutes in boiling water.

*Turn the heat off and remove the bottles using tongs.

*Place them on a clean, dry dishcloth and allow them to air dry.

*Use a sterilized bottle for every feed.


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