Introducing nuts to a baby.

👩‍⚕️The best time to start giving dry fruits to your baby is when he is around 12 months. The time when the baby has gotten used to the semi solids and is eagerly taking finger food. Your baby 👶may react to a few nuts🥜🌰 like he may have an allergic reactions🤯 to some nuts that is why it is recommended to introduce one dry fruit at a time and then wait for a few days to rule out any allergic reactions. If there is an allergic reaction, do not repeat. Its better to give nuts during day time and always under supervision.

💁You may begin by giving:

☢️Powdered dry fruits mixed in cerelac or puree.
☢️Peanut butter or almond butter in cereal or on a toast stick
☢️Then dry fruit milk shake.
☢️Soaked, peeled and diced dry fruit in my cereal.
☢️Whole nuts should not be given before two years of age and that too always under an adults supervision initially.


⚠️If there is family history of nuts allergy it is recommended introducing nuts at a later age, between 24 and 36 months of age.




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