~Omlette Bread

When the city is too hot🌞and you dont want to spend too much time in the kitchen🙈 you can make this simple, time saving and a very filling recipe.
Bread 4 big slices. 🍞
Veggies to be chopped in omlette style.
Capsicum 3 tbsp
Onion 3tbsp
Tomato 3tbsp
Olives 2 tbsp
Sausages 2. Halved longitudinally then sliced.
Egg 3
Oregano 1/4 tsp
Thyme 1/4 tsp
Salt 1/4tsp
Pepper 1/4tsp.
Butter for frying.
Cheddar cheese.

Step 1
In a pan melt 1tbsp butter. Put in onion. Saute a little then add tomato,capsicum, olives and sausages. Cook for 2 mins.
Step 2
With a sharp knife cut squares inside of each slice. Such that the squares remain intact and so does the boundary frame.
Step 3
Beat eggs. Add in salt, pepper, thyme and oregano.

On a big NONSTICK frying melt 1 tbsp butter. On a slow flame put the bread boundary on the pan. Quickly put in the veggies inside the boundary. Now pour the beaten egg on top of these veggies such that it fills the space in between the veggies as well. Let it cook for a minute. Sprinkle cheese.and now put the inside square on top of it. Cook for a minute more.
Now very carefully flip it.
Cook for a minute on this side as well.
Dish out, garnish with corriander and serve with ketchup.

*Use big bread slices.
If you take small ones, when you pour the egg it will leak outside the boundary wall.
*Use sharp knife to cut bread slices. *Cut one slice at a time so that both the square and the boundary wall remains intact.
*U can make two slices at one go. Two usually fit well on a big pan.
* If you dont have herbs just put salt pepper and chaat masalah… You will be good to go.
*If no sausages then use chicken chunks or chkn boti from leftover salan.
* You can use both Cheddar and Mozarella or just Cheddar alone.
If shredded is not available then use sliced cheese cut in strips.
* Attaching a picture to help you clear out confusions.

#Alhamdulilah 😊😊
#finally hatching🐣


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