Peadiatric Information


Hello mommies!!!

Being a Pediatrician I have often been asked about a few questions time and again. So, a few queries that i have answered in detail are posted here. Hope that they are useful to you as well. If your query about your little one is other than this feel free to take an online appointment for tele-consult. I shall be more than happy to help you in helping your child.

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Q.My baby doesn’t put on weight,what to do?

Baby not putting on weight
A. A balanced diet is required by every child. Meat, chicken, fish, milk, eggs, cheese, yoghurt, fruits and vegetables. Make colorful platters for your child using fruits, veggies and sauces.
Start with little at a time and then gradually increase amount.
Make small packets of boiled mince(qeema)and put it in different things like daal, khitchri, rice.
Add flavour to the food.
Prime focus breakfast then lunch then dinner.
Breakfast should have the three basic components eggs, milk and a fruit. Deworm your child
You will have to deal the situation very patiently.
If still doesn’t improve then workup and supplements can be advised.

Q. First time mom. Milk production is less. Help needed!!

Milk production is not adequate!
A. Maa ka feed ajaega. First put the baby for mother feed. Make the baby suckle on to the breast for atleast 5 to 7 mins on each side. Repeat after very 2hours. Chhotay baby ka tummy bhi chhota hota hai. Jitni need hotee hai utna ajata hai. (The smaller the baby the the smaller the size of the tummy. Milk production is according to the need of the baby.) The more the bbay suckle the more the feed is produced.
Before you put the baby to feed get hot water bag placement over chest, it also helps.
After every 2 hrs baby ko uthhaein, jagaein feed karwaein. (Wake the baby up and put to feed).
Mothers diet should be taken care off. 2 rotis lunch, 2 rotis dinner. 2-3 litre water/day. Milk atleast 2 glasses/day.
Panjiri is good for these days.
If the mother has undergone caesarean, milk production might be a little slow.
The flow gets better in 3-5 days.
Try and avoid formula milk.

Seee?? In the initial days even that little supply of yours is more than enough!!


Q. I have just attained motherhood and am having difficulty in feeding my baby.

Feeding difficulty in newborn/ inverted nipple/nipple shield

A. Welcome to motherhood.
Feed the baby after every 2 hours. 10 minutes on each side. Do not let the baby go to sleep during feeding. If the baby sleeps, wake him up, talk, flicker his feet whatever and feed.
Then put him in burping position. Whether he burps or not 10 to 15 mins keep in that position.Then slight karwat se(on side) help him lie with the help of pillow.
Do not feed while lying down.
1 to 4 months the babies are usually colicky… So be patient.
Take care of your diet.
2 rotis lunch, 2 rotis dinner. 2 to 3 litre water/day. Milk atleast 2 glasses/day.
Panjiri is good for these days

If nothing works, get yourself examined by a gynaecologist for inverted nipples. In that case a nipple shield might be required to help the baby.


Q.When will my stitches heal? I want breast feed my baby.but how do i feed my baby comfortably, without pain?

Mothers position for comfortable feeding

Hey congratulations! Welcome to motherhood. Looks like your 1st baby. First of all… dont worry You will get better… Alhamdulilah you had a normal delivery you will bounce back to normal quite soon but let me break the bubble to you… Those stitches down there… They will take time. You can search online for that or contact your gynae.
Now lets come to the baby part. So good to hear you understand the benefits and importance of mother feed and wanna feed your baby yourself… This will not only be good to the baby but also for you.
Avoid feeding while lying down. If there are cracks on the nipple that indicates improper positioning. After feeding the baby spread some milk over the cracks and let it air dry. It will help heal the cracks.
Your sitting feeding position is not correct…i think. You tube for that. Sit in the most comfortable position. Pillow behind ur lower back… Horizontal and one above vertical to support upper back. In the hook/nook of your elbow should be the babys head and now bring the baby to you dont go down yourself. Proper burping.
Search how to feed the baby.. And attachment of baby on the nipple.
Feed after every two hours…no matter what. On each side atleast 10 to 20 mins. Dont let her sleep… Wake her, play with her and feed her.
After burp make her lie down left lateral position with pillow support.


#pretermbaby #prematurebaby

Q. My baby was born a little before time around 33 weeks and weighed 1.7 kg? What precautions do i need to take? Can i keep him in Air-conditioned room? He also looks a little dark.

A.First of all congratulations! Allah ta’ala chose you to bear such a big responsibility.
Motherhood is difficult and being a mommy of an premature baby is far more tough.
First and foremost do not compare ur baby with other babies… He might do the catching up a little late… And you will have to be very patient during the entire journey. For these premature ones we cant say in these many months he will be as healthy as full term ones… Every baby is different and responds differently.
You have to feed him every 2-3 hrly.. Wake him up, feed him. No matter what. Direct feed is the best. You can you tube video for proper latching.. And this improves with your bond and with time… You will have to be a patient teacher.
You can give a daily bath between 11 am to 3pm. Dry well. Do not put directly under the fan. No AC exposure for an hour or two.
Heat wave… The baby should be cool neither warm nor cold. As long as this is maintained…he shall be good to go. A light shirt with pamper. No tight wrapping…
Pale/yellow he must be looking during the jaundice period. If still peads consult reqd.
Dark?? He was kept is the nicu? Echo was done? Talk about it on ur next visit to peado.You can search for growth charts online for preterm babies. Else ur Peadiatrician shall do it.. You have many more fhings to look after.
And look after yourself. A happy you will be a dedicated mommy. Its tough time… But it shall pass and this tiny caterpillar shall bloom into a very healthy butterfly very soon.
Dont overburden yourself.


#Newborn General Guidelines
Q. I have just given birth to a healthy baby. What things should i keep in mind and be aware of. I am too scared that something might happen or i might not be able to pick any symptoms?

A. Hey, welcome to motherhood! And congratulations on the birth of your new baby.
Seem like your first baby… There will be many things that may be normal for others but you wouldn’t know whether to get anxious or to stay relaxed… So thats completely okay.
A baby who’s on mother feed may poop everytime he feeds. This shows he has a very good metabolism.
You have to feed after every 2 to 3 hrs. Proper Burping… And shoulder session even if burps for 20mins. Only and only mother feed to be given for first 6 months of life. Even no water! (as 70% of mother feed is water)
Normal weight is 2.5 to 3.5 kg. For first 20 days babies tend to loose weight then they start putting up.
Things to think over:
*Hope his umbilical cord has shed off. usually shed off between 7-10 days. Sometimes might take up to 14days.
*He must be jaundiced.(usually jaundice comes by the 3rd day, increases till the 5th day and tapers down till the 7th day
By day 15 jaundice should completely be gone. Till then baby is lazy and tends to sleep more.
*He might get newborn baby allergy by day 15 to 21…thats normal dont put anything.
* These days BCG vaccination is given at hospital immediately after birth, so make sure ur baby has gotten that. Put a reminder for 6 week vaccination. Should be done ON TIME.
*Circumcision: get it done during the 4th week. Akuh is a good option
And last but mosssst important are you doing okay?
Are you taking care of your self?
This should be ur diet plan :
2 rotis lunch, 2 rotis dinner. 2 to 3 litre water/day. Milk atleast 2 glasses/day.
Panjiri is good for these days
#happy parenting.


Q.Baby’s pediatrician has just declared my baby to be allergic to dust. What measures do i take?
A. Dust protection measures.
*Remove wall-to-wall carpets, curtains, and drapes particularly in the kids bedroom.
*Keep pets out of the bedroom, and preferably out of the house.
*Lift the mattress and clean the board underneath with a damp cloth.
*keep mattresses and pillows in the sunlight. Wash bed linens frequently in hot water.
* do not use jharoo nor do dusting when the kids are around. Always use a damp cloth to clean surfaces.
*FLU shot vaccine should be administered every year August/September.

Q. How do i know my baby is having urinary infection? And what measures do i take?

Urinary tract infection- UTI

A. Does your child have fever as well?
Does she have severe pain upon passing urine?
Tummy pain?
Its better to get a Urine DR and CBC done to asses level of infection. Decision of antibiotic can be done accordingly.
Avoid tight fitting undergarments.
Teach your child how to wash herself esp after passing stool. Move from forward to backward rather than opposite.
Does your child hold her urine like not go to school washroom or at any relatives place? Ask her and encourage to use school washroom.
If she finds it uncomfortable, teach her how to use tissue roll to cover the seat and then use it. And if shes younger than 5 yrs i think maids must be there in the school to wash kids. Ask ur child does the maid actually wash her?
And please make sure she drinks atleast 1.5 to 2 litres water. Make sure she brings home empty water bottle.


Q. My baby is 7 mnths old. Recently i have observed she has saliva dribbling from mouth. She is cranky as well. Is she teething?
A. What i would recommend is that after washing ur hands check baby’s gums. Do they look swollen or can u feel a teeth about to spurt out?
Use drop size amount of somogel and apply on that area.
Syrup Panadol helps calm the pain.
Apple, cucumber and carrot sticks can be made and handed over to the baby so that he feels better.
If you give a teether take care of its hygiene.
At teething age child tries and put everything into his mouth. Germs go in and diarrahoea happens so be careful about that too.
And for diarrahoea khitchri, yoghurt and banana. Low osmolar Ors to prevent dehydration, zinc supplement and probiotic Enterogermina.
Inshaa Allah the child will get better
Happy teething.


Q. My little one is having pain in ear. What should i do?
A.You can simply give panadol.
The thing is oral, nasal and throat cavities are connected. So the dr needs to examine sometimes the pain of the tonsils infection causes pressure changes and pain in the ear. The pain is in the ear but the cause is the tonsil. So proper evaluation will help us see where the problem lies and what needs to be treated.
Pain killers can be given. Do not give any ear drops without first getting an ENT Doctor to look at it.

Q. My toddler was running a fever the entire night. I just gave anti fever medicine but it did not come down. Then in the morning i took him to dr. What should i have done at night when fever wasnt breaking down?

A. A temp of 100 is mostly due to the environment around us…so dont panic over it.
*100.1-101 temp… Give syp paracetamol every 6hrly and. Syp ibuprofen 8 hourly.
The meds take 1 to 1.5 hr to relieve fever.
If fever taking long to come down, start tap water sponging. (never on chest)
*If temp 102, give shower. Dry baby completely. Esp hair. Do not put directly under fan/Ac for next 1 hr.
*Temp 103 put spirit swab 2 to 3 in each axilla(under arm) for 15 to 20 mins.
*Temp 104 RUSH to hospital.
At any time the fever is persistent for more than an hour or two, take time to get things ready, arrange some transportation and by the end of hour two if still the situation is same to Rush to ER. Your baby is very small…. Its better that u visit hospital


#constipated child

Q. I have one Constipated baby and i have tried all. Please guide me!!?!?

A.Well, the thing is when the child is constipated first we would want to know what do you mean by constipated. For how many days the child doesn’t poop. And when he does is it rock hard or normal im consistency?
Does sometimes blood also come?

Then we have to look for causes non medical first then medical.
Non medical causes can include excessive milk and less fibrous food.
Your child could end up constipated if he eats a lot of cheese, yogurt, or peanut butter, for instance, and not enough fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
Or if you have started toilet training and then it started..that is a cause.
If the child feels pressured about toilet training, he might deliberately withhold pooping. If he shows all the signs of straining to have a bowel movement – stiffening his body and getting red in the face – he may actually be trying to hold it in.
For medical causes hypothyroidism, lactose intolerance and cystic fibrosis have to be ruled out.
What to do?
*Avoid giving too many dairy products
*increase water intake
*increase fiber intake in the form of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Offer apricots, plums, peas, beans, broccoli and, of course, prunes.
*Encourage your child to use the bathroom at regular times during the day, especially after meals and whenever he or she feels the urge to go. Let your toddler sit for at least 10 minutes at a time.


Q. I think my baby has worms. How do we get rid of them completely?

#worm, #deworm

A. Getting rid of worms is a little tricky.. Because along with the treatment we have to focus lifestyle adjustments as well.
Lets help you kid out

Over the counter syp antihelminthic(anti worm medicine) one course now and one course you have to do after 15days.
*Cut the childs nail every week… Friday is a good day.
*Washing hqnds with soapy water after washroom.
*sand and clay play is quite common is school these days …make sure nails are clean after that too.
Hope this helps

Q. My baby had very less weight at birth. Doctors said he was an IUGR baby. Now he is 7mnths old but weighs just 5kg. He ddoesnt seem to like soft food. Takes more of milk. What should i do?

A. Considering that the baby was initially IUGR….he seems to be putting up weight accordingly.
At 12mnths that is 1 year, he should be 10 kg.
When weaning is started we add one meal at a time, continue it for 2 weeks then add the next meal. First we start with lunch, then breakfast then dinner.
Accordingly the milk will be reduced gradually.
In the beginning even a teaspoon might fill the babys tummy… But as his tongues get accustomed to the taste and tummy will get used to the semi solid too… Then he will ask for more.
I am really happy to see that you are so concerned about your baby… And the reason that he has this weight is because of your efforts. You are doing a great job. A little piece of advice… Please never compare your baby with other babies. Every baby isdifferent.
As long as your baby is active, alert, playful he is healthy. Weight will gradually increase.
I hope he is on mother feed and getting all vaccinations as per schedule.
Get him a visit done by a pediatrician so he may also confirms that the baby is good to go.


Q. My 5mnth baby baby has diarrahoea. Passes stool after feed and has gotten nappy rashes because of it. What to do?

A. #diarrahoea,#nappyrash
Diarrahoea in less than 6mnths.
If the child passes a stool (of normal consistency) upon taking a feed thats normal… But if the consistency is watery, quantity large and frequency more than normal we take it as diarrahoea.
Low osmolar ors(made in two glasses of water), Enterogermina and mother feed.
Nappy rash cream and zinc oxide paste over bum. Twice daily (12hours apart alternately)
and petroleum jelly after every stool.
Diarrahoea takes time to settle down.
Danger sign : if the child stops taking feed, babys activity decreases or urine out put decreases… Rush to hospital ER and get the baby seen by a child specialist peads on call

Q. My baby is 18 months old and i want to switch from mother feed to formula feed. How to do it?
A. Switching from mother feed to formula feed can be a tough process.
You can do it gradually over a period of a month by slowly encouraging soft food and solid items and decrasing feeding times.
But there are times when you want to just switch immediately (if you have gotten pregnant). For times like these remember whenever you will do the switch, one week willbe very tough on both…you as well as the baby. The baby will cry a lot, become irritated as well ans refuse to drink formula milk but you will have to be firm that no more mother feed. A switch is always painful for both the parties. May Allah ease it for you.

Q. Baby has contracted measles. Should he stay away from other kids?

A. 5 days before and after the occurence of the rash, measles is contagious. So keep your kid isolated from other kids.
Avoid thanda(cold), khatta(sour) and oily to avoid superimposed infection. As during measles the baby is in a state where they can catch infections easily.
Don’t scratch the rashes.
Give anti allergic syrup
Apply calamine lotion.
Vit A capsules on day 0,1 and 15.
Zinc supplements for good skin regeneration.
Do not force feed. Offer light meals. (Oats, custard, pudding, milk and rusk, boiled potatoes, salan made with less oil and small roti)
The earlier they come in life the less painful they are and the less scars they leave.
Happy parenting


Q. My Newborn (2.5 months baby) is crying a lot. Please help!

A. 2.5mnths is a young age where its very difficult to determine the cause. Few basic issues that need to be addressed are:
Pamper check, hunger pangs,
Clothes causing irritation, feeling too hot or cold, improper sleep, colic.
So kindly check for these.
Also check if the child cries more in the presence of a certain maid or certain kid.

Q. Nebulizer or humidifier…what is the difference?
A. #nebulizer, #humidifier
For blocked nose you can use nasal decongestant that are readily available in the market. Norsaline being one of the most in demand amd effective as well.
Nebulizer has the ability to transform medicine to vapours and open up congested air passages (from nose to the lungs)

Humidifier therapy adds moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body. Humidifiers can be particularly effective for treating dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips. They can also ease some of the symptoms caused by the flu or common cold.
You should visit a pediatrician who will examine your baby and see what is it that he actually requires.


Q. My child doesnt like to drink milk. In what other ways can i avoid any deficiency occuringvin him due to lack of milk.

Toddler doesnt like to drink milk

You can add flavors in milk to make it more appealing.. horlicks, bournvita, rooh afza.
Or simply make shakes with fruits.
And add other dairy products in the diet like yoghurt, cheese, butter and lassi.
Custard and puddings.

Q. I have a 10mnths old baby with appropriate weight…but continuous flu despite taking all medicines.

Continuous flu

A. If this is the case then you must realize that your little one is allergic to something in the environment.
Find the cause, look at things that could have brought this change.
Have u recently shifted ur house?got paint done? Got a pet? Got a new powder for the baby, used a new air freshener or it could simply have been stimulated during bakra eid… if the baby was taken out to see the goats and the cows.
Please determine the cause and take your baby to a pediatrician who will examine the chest as well.
Kindly discuss regarding flu shot as September is the ideal time for it.
And check out dust protection measures on this page.

Q. My baby is 6 weeks old. For about one week she is spitting milk and crying even after feed. I feel my feed is not enough for the baby.
A. #milk production not meeting babys demand
Dear, there are two paths to your question.
If you are interested in giving motherfeed to your baby ways can be adopted to increase it. For that you have to work hard on your appetite. 2rotiz lunch and 2for dinner. A glass of milk morning and night. Minimum 2-3 litres of water. Panjiri works wonders for milk production.
Nature has made mother and baby relationship such that the more the baby sucks the more milk is produced.and the amount that is required by babys tummy, mummy is able to produce that…keeping in mind that the size of the baby is very small.
And if you say that if its enough then why would the baby cry….for that has to be taken to a pediatrician who would examine to see whether your baby is suffering from colic issue, reflux issue or something else.
Second path…swich to formula can use Enfamil AR. Mostly babies tolerate this one
So the choice is yours.
Q. How to attain healthy lifestyle for my kids?
#healthy lifestyle for kids
A balanced diet is required by every child. Meat, chicken, fish, milk, eggs, cheese, yoghurt, fruits and vegetables.
Prime focus breakfast then lunch then dinner.
Breakfast should have the three basic components eggs, milk and a fruit.
Avoid junkfood.
1.5-2 litres of water
Make sure they get 8hours of sleep.
Screen time not more than 2hours per day. That includes laptops, cell phones, gaming devices and television.
Physical activities 1.5 hours daily.
Try and incorporate these in their lifestyle. Hope it helps.
Have you ever Dewormed your child? Sometimes there are hidden culprits.

Q. I have a newborn baby and i have been told by his grandparents that he should be kept in the sun but where we live its hot and the child has also started getting prickly ulcers(garmi danay)what to do?

#sunlight therapy for the baby??

A. You seem like a first time mom… Welcome to motherhood and a new world of do that/dont do that.
In old days people used to believe that when a newborn gets the physiological jaundice, he should be exposed to sunlight (8am to 9am) which would help cut down the jaundice. Research has proven that the wavelength of the light reqd to decrease levels of jaundice are not present in the sunlight. So exposing to sunlight is not at all necessary. Secondly the garmi danay that you are nentioning might be allergy of the newborn that you may be unable to pick. Plz dont apply any powder or any lotion over it.

Take good care of yourself. Healthy baby needs a healthy mommy.

Q. 5yrs old facing sore throat.


A.Visit a pediatrician who can examine the throat. Till then you may follow these steps

*Gargles with salt and warm water.
*Give kehwa twice a day.
In one glass water put half inch piece of ginger, half inch piece of cinnamon (daarcheeni), a pinch of ajwaen ans two cloves(long).
Let it cook so much so that only 3/4th glass is left.
Strain it, let initial heat leave and put one teaspoon honey in it. Half morning , half night.
*Give painkiller like syp panadol and an anti allergic syrup.
*Avoid cold, sour and oily stuff.
Q. Baby swallowed a coin! What to do??

#coin ingestion
When a baby swallows a coin there are two paths that thecoin can take
A. respiratory pathway.
Thats the dangerous one.
If stuck here the child will have severe repiratory distress within minutes after swallowing. Might even turn blue(cyanosis)
B. The food pathway. If the coin takes this path the child might feel slight irritability due to its pasaage from throat which is a narrow passage but else no difficulty. The coin takes upto 4-7 days to pass out through the stool. Sometimes we can see it and sometimes we miss it. So you can repeat xray after a weeks time.
So stay calm.

Q. How to prevent and treat babies under 6months old from flu?
Less than 6mnths flu remedies

*Keep them hydrated with breastfeeding
*Treat fever, if any: less than 6mnths visit a pediatrician.
*Nose bulb to clean nose and prevent blockage. Put 2-3 drops norsaline or normal saline with head tilted backward. After putting drops slightly massage the nose and after 10 minutes clean with a tissue and then suck out extra with the bulb.
*Steam room. Close the door and windows. Put a big pan of boiling water 2 feet away from the baby. Hold arms and legs.
*Wash your hands.
*Any body suffering from cold at home better stay away from baby, if thats not possible then tell to be very careful around the baby. Sneeze or cough in a tissue, wash hands and then come near the baby.
✓If anything other than normal regarding activities of the baby rush to pediatrician.
*Don’t even think of antibiotics.
*No cold and cough medicine for kids under 2years.
*Honey is to be completely avoided in less than 6 months. 9mnths to 12 mnths can be given in a very diluted form(mixed with expressed breast milk via spoon). And that too after making sure that its not an old bottle of honey. But ideally avoid giving honey in less than 12 months.

#Always remember breastfeed babies have better immunity to fight against all this. So breastfeeding is encouraged.
And also remember that viral takes about 10 days to go. So, know what you should do, what you shouldn’t and when to rush to your pediatrician immediately.

Q. Travelling with a 2 yrs old Baby on a 22 hours flight. Can i give sleeping meds like phenergen?

#longflight with a toddler
Not at all in the favour of sleeping meds at all.
You will have to find activities to keep your child busy.
At take off and landing give the baby something to drink via bottle or sippy cup. If they keep swallowing it prevents blockage of ears.
Airlines do provide food for the baby but u never know whether your baby will like it or not. So take along your own set of snacks packed in different containers that you can offer at different intervals, cookies, chips, biscuits, candies, lollipops go on longer, nuts(if ur baby already eats them). Plan different activities. Airlines just provide colors and a coloring sheet which will not be enough. Get an activity book thats suitable for your babys age, big thick crayons, story books. You can pre download his/her favorite cartoons on tablet or cell phone.
If possible get a seat with a baby crib if your airline allows that. Emirates has that. Don’t know about others. Against sleeping meds. However you can give anti emetic (anti vomit) meds 1 hour before flight time so that the baby doesnt get motion sickness. Get the med prescribed by ur dr.
Hope this helps.

Q. My 2 months old baby keeps on crying while being put to feed.

A. You seem like a new mommy.
The baby is unable to take the feed properly because of the positioning.
Try and feed when you are doing nothing and your entire attention is focused on this.
Rest your back against pillows upper vertical and one horizontally at lower back. Head should be in the nook of your elbow and the baby in the arm should come up to you, not you going down. Watch YouTube videos on
how to feed the baby. Ifthe position is good baby shall take feed in a smooth manner. Then give proper burp on shoulder for 20 mins then put down on karwat(left lateral) for 15 mims then normal position.

If the bay continues to cry despite these measures please visit a gynaecologist and get yourself checked up for inverted nipple. There are shields available for such nipples and then the assist the baby in proper feeding.No need for formula milk. Mothers milk has all the essentials. Baby will become healthy, dont worry.
Your diet should be good.
Panjiri bowl morning and night
Glass of Milk morning and night
2 rotiz lunch and dinner. 2-3 litres of water daily.

Q. While playing my 3years old inserted a marble in her nose and there is no ENT specialist doing OPD at the moment. What to do?


First of all relax. Creating panic will not help. If you visit the ENT immediately or if after 3 hours it will not make a difference. The passage after the bridge of the nose is very narrow and foreign body cant go beyond that. So even if you visit within 6-8 hours, its okay.

Q what should be the diet for hep C positive patient
A. #hepCdiet, #hepatitisC
There are two possibilities for Hep C patients. One has an active HEP C and the other has the viral load declined and just hep c antibodies are present against it….which shall remain life long. If second case then the kod can eat anything. If first case then following instructions
First of all you should know what to avoid
Fizzy Drinks
Bakery items
Fried food
Butter, cream and cheese
Processed food like sausages, bologne, pepperoniand comapany manufactured nuggets.
Frozen items
Excessive salt content.
What can be eaten:
Whole grain in moderation.
Food should be made in olive oil or canola oil
More fiber diet
Egg whites
Fat free milk and yogurt
Fish and chicken.
Decreased salt intake.
A handful of nuts.
General rule : no fried items, nothing that should be heavy on the liver. Everything in moderate amount. Less salt.

Q. How to boost immunity of my 3yr old
The thinking process to strengthen immunity begins at birth that is by breastfeeding the baby till 1.5 years atleast. Of which the first 6months should be EXCLUSIVE MOTHER FEED. (No water, no soft food)
What you can adopt now is a healthy lifestyle.
*Healthy food.
*More green veggies
* More fruits
* More dairy products milk cheese, butter and cream
*NO to fizzy drinks
*Screen time (any thing with a screen tv, laptops, IPad, cellphones, tablets) less than 2hours in 24 hours.
* Active family involvement(outings as a family, meal times as family)
*Proper vaccination
*Boiled water
* Sleep at least 8 hours
* Hand sanitation (washing hands after toilet and before eating anything)
* Breakfast like a KING (main meal), lunch like a common man (moderate quantity)and dinner like a pauper.(least quantity)
*Vaccination according to schedule.
*Parents should avoid having arguments infront of the kids
* No smoking around the kids.
Talk to your kids, have story time, have discussions with them….you have no idea how much this boosts their immunity.

Q.My 8 months old is having black immobile strings/threads in his poop.. i am noticing it since 2/3 days and today it was alot of it… i give him pureed banana daily.. is it because of it ?

A.Fibrous foods like banana and apple puree tend to appear like this black thread thing in poop 💩
So, relax. Worms are usually mobile…and the kid is nibbling your or his own arm or leg, drooling saliva and sleeping with butt up. Hope this helps.

Q. How do i sleep train my baby?

A. Sleep training is the process of helping a baby learn to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.
Some are quick to learn and some give their mommies a hard time
Introduce bed time routine
Make sure its a consistent sleep time.
Follow a schedule during the day

If your baby is waking up multiple times during the night then do look for a blocked nose. Try putting saline drops before putting to sleep.
Meal time atleast one hour before sleep time… And after two hours you can give her feed. Inshaa Allah she will sleep through the night. to unblock nose of newborn babies?
Hey, cleaning a bbays nose is no rocket science. What you are doing is most probably correct method…just a touch up maybe needed.
First understand this that what is happening: Baby has two openings where they can breathe from one is nose and other is oral cavity (mouth).
If you are feeding the baby the mouth is closed then the only opening left is…..the nose. And if the nose is also blocked then during the feeding time the baby will have no where to breathe from…hence will have a disturbed feed and take out the nipple every now and them to take a breath.
So, the nose gotta be clean.

Put norsaline drops in both nostrils every 6hours. And try to make this time some what 15-20 mins before feed.
So, pull the head of the baby a little backwards and put 2 drops norsaline. Wait for 5mins. Then slightly massage the part of nose just below the bone. The kids gonna sneeze. If not, twist a tissue and put in nose. Dry it, clean it.
Or buy a suction bulb to clean the nose.
Then you may feed.
This will ensure better feeding as well.

Q. What to give to my 6month old?
A. Water can be started at 6months of age. It Should be properly boiled or proper mineral water.

⚠️You need to follow three days rule. That means you must keep a gap of 3 days between two new foods.
In order to let the baby develop taste and also to check out for allergies. As you are just introducing new foods along with breast milk or formula milk. So start with a very small quantity.
⚠️Always start at lunch time, then breakfast and lunch and lastly dinner.
⚠️Breast milk and formula milk should not be exposed to heat. So font cook anything in them.
⚠️No salt, sugar or honey.
🥣What can you give?
Mashed banana
Stewed/pureed apple
Well steamed and pureed vegetables like carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin , french beans
Pulse soup (moong dal ka pani)
Rice Water (Chawal ka pani)

Q.How to introduce nuts
No dry fruits before one year of age. In order to introduce dry fruits…make sure you introduce one at a time…and wait the rest of the week to see if your babys okay with it and has no possible allergies.
Introduce first in the form of a paste(butter), then crushed then gradually whole form.
Always make sure the baby eats the nut completely infront of ur eyes… Since nuts are tiny we have to be extra careful.

Q. Fingerfood for one year old
Bread with some spread
Fruit sticks (cut fruits into stick like shape) apple, peaches, melons, banana.
Pasta.. less salt and spices
Veggies cucumber, carrots, sweet potato, potato
Cup cakes(in your presence)
Thoroughly cooked julienne cut chicken, meat and fish.
Q. How to manage Diarrahoea?
Its viral diarrahoea most probably. A lot of kids are getting it. Other reasons could be:
Do you bottle feed or give a sippy cup? If yes, take care of their hygiene.
What kind of water are you giving to your child? Even mineral water are found to cause diarrahoea these days.
What to do:
Give light food like khitchri, yoghurt and banana.
Low osmolar Ors to prevent dehydration, zinc supplement and probiotic Enterogermina.
Inshaa Allah the child will get better.
*Dont add sugar in yoghurt, it aggravates diarrahoea.
*Keep an eye on activity status
*Keep an eye on hydration


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