3 Steps to follow when your baby gets hurt!

A small activity was done where the above situation was given to parents/guardians. A mixed variety of replies were seen. A few people guided the step to step management like a Pro. But majority lacked the basic know-how and relied solely upon calling somebody for help. Facebook page ‘Pediatrician On the Go’ believes in empowering parents so that at least the basic ABC is done before Help arrives.👍

Where ever there are children it’s a quite common thing to get a few scrapes, bumps, bruises and sometimes even cuts. You cant tie your child so that he doesn’t get hurt. He needs to touch, feel and experience things….We call it part of growing up.👏
So lets imagine a scenario where you are busy working in the lounge when you hear a large ‘THUD’ sound from the lawn followed by crying sound of your lil baby. You go out and what you see next is your 4 yrs old baby has blood all over his face oozing out from a cut on his head. And he is crying on top of his lungs. So what do you do.🤷

*First and foremost DON’T PANIC. 🤯
*Tell the baby that it’s okay, and he will get better. This is NOT the time to remind him how you had told him not to be naughty or else he will get hurt. Save this one for later.🧟Now keeping your nerves intact.
*Remove him from the site of the accident. Bring him inside. Get hold of the emergency kit.(i will help you make one before the end)

Follow the steps.💁

A. Stopping the blood🙋
>Cover the cut site with a gauze or a clean towel and put pressure on it with your palm.
If the blood starts to appear on the gauze soaking all of it, don’t remove it. Rather put another layer of gauze on top of it. Maintaining the pressure till bleeding stops.

>If the cut is on the leg or the arm try to elevate the area.

>Common Mistake:🙅
Almost all such bleeds can be stopped when we apply direct pressure on it with clean gauze or towel over the site for five or ten minutes. The most common mistake is when we keep on lifting the gauze in between to peek at the wound. This’ interrupts the pressure and bleeding continues. So, dont do that.

>Once the bleeding stops you have to gently wash the wound with soapy water for three to five minutes.

B. Now you can have a better look at the wound. Check and see if the cut is gaping open.🕵️

>If the cut is gaping and is larger than ½ cm then it should probably be closed with stitches. (Any cut that is gaping open with visible dark red muscle or yellowish fat should probably be closed, even if it is small)

>Cuts that are not gaping open might not need stitches rather they can even benefit from Steri-Strips(discussed ahead).

The ride to the hospital 🏥⬅️🚑
While maintaining the pressure at the wound carry the child to the car. Give him some water🥤or juice to sip on. As per the ER Doctors suggestion get the Steri-strip or the stitches done.
*Inquire about antibiotics to be given for proper healing.(timings and duration)
* When will the stitches be taken out?
*If the kid is properly immunized upto the age and is than 5 years NO NEED FOR Inj TETANUS. 💉If older than 5yrs then inj Tetanus is required.

C. In case if there is no need to visit the doctor.
When you are done with cleaning apply a small amount of any over the counter antibacterial ointment to keep the wound moist and then cover it with a dry gauze or bandage until it is healed.

D. Give painkiller syrup on 8 hourly basis for next 2-3days.

General Knowledge:

⏺️Steri-strips( “butterfly” strips) are narrow strips that are placed over the cut, with a bit of tension to seal the cut. These generally stay on for 3 days if kept dry and not accidentally pulled off by the kid. Steri-strips are used for cuts that are small in size, not gaping, also not deep and definitely not over a joint or an area of skin tension.

⏺️If steri-strips are kept in place for at least three days, then the outcome can be just as good as stitches. Best part being no scars from stitch line and also their being painless.

⏺️Stitches however provide more strength and no risk of being pulled off by the kid.
The baby definitely feels the pain involved in putting them but obviously they are advised only when they are the most required.

⏺️In order for the cut to be properly stitched you should reach the hospital within 4hours.

⏺️For facial cuts consult a pediatric plastic surgeon.

⏺️ Incase of ORAL TRAUMA (cut to the tongue or teeth) wash the mouth with cold water. Ask the kid to suck on an ice cube and then take him to the dentist. Buy an ice cream (Popsicle)on the way. Usually cuts on tongue do not need stitches and get better in a day or two on their own. However its better to be examined by a dentist.

⏺️ Incase of a bump put pressure with an ice pack wrapped in a towel.

⏺️Alum, honey and turmeric powder have been found to be used for stopping the bleed and work quite good.

⏺️Never use tea leaves. They do stop the bleeding but if stitches are required they complicate the situation. Fine stitching can not be done. However if you keep used tea bags in the freezer they may be used to stop the bleeding.


Find a large, sturdy container with extra space to hold all the things. It should have enough space so that everything is easily visible.
⚠️First aid kit is placed at such a place that is in the centre of the house and each and every member should know about it. Don’t keep the kit at a place from where only you can take it out.

*Clean micro-fibre towels (It’s useful for containing bleeding on bigger injuries)
*Band-Aids different sizes
*Pre-made gauze pad (for applying)pressure
*Gauze roll (if doing dressing at home)
*Skin ointment (like polyfax)
*Antibiotic ointment like fuscidin
*Anti burn ointment(Dermazine)
*Xylocaine Gel
*Syp Ibuprofen
*Adhesive tape
*Alcohol swab (for cleaning skin in case of scrapes and bruises)
*Antiseptic wipes
*Antiseptic solution like pyodine
*Sharp scissors
*Safety pins
*Plastic non-latex gloves (small pack )
*Small torch
*Emergency money for rushing to hospital.

As mentioned before the purpose of this emergency guide is to enable the parents to deal with emergency situations. So that in case of emergency they do not loose their nerves. Rather hold on to their nerves and work efficiently. We may have the possibility to rush to the hospital at once but there are times when it cannot be done immediately so at least the mommies are empowered to such an extent that they are able to provide the basic emergency measures at home and buy some time to reach the hospital.

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