Masturbation in kids

Serious issues need to be addressed.

A finger up the nose, or hands down the pants tends to make situation very uneasy for the parents. Parents are often clueless and flustered so as to to how to deal with it.
Little boys do it commonly but little girls can be just as curious about their private parts.

First thing, first: Masturbation in toddlers is not sexual.They only touch themselves because they’re exploring their bodies and have incidentally discovered that it feels good. It often starts around the age of two or three years when they are in the phase of toilet training, not wearing a diaper and have opportunity to play with their parts.
It’s normal and has nothing to worry about. However, it is essential to know how to handle the situation properly. 

What you have to do.

Don’t panic 
It’s normal and natural. Hold onto your train of thoughts about your child being a sex maniac. It’s just a phase that the little one will soon overcome. Relax, he won’t start ejaculating until he enters puberty.

Ignore it
Sometimes turning a blind eye brings about results that others may not. The child learns that he may draw attention to himself by this act so he may do it again and again to attain attention.

Don’t scold
The child has no clue what he is doing is wrong or bad so there is no need to scold the child or making him feel guilty for doing it. Its very important to tackle this situation appropriately as your wrong choice of words and actions may make him think that there’s something dirty or wrong about it which could lead to issues with sexuality in future.

Teach boundaries 
The concept of privacy doesn’t really mean much to a toddler, however its never too early to give concept of private parts and explain how they should only be touched when in private.

Distract them 
A lot of the time toddlers do it simply because they’re bored. Have a few toys or games handy to keep the little hands busy.


Urinary tract infection
Toddlers may actually be touching themselves excessively because they have a urinary tract infection (UTI), a rash or a perineal thrush. They do not know how to express or put in words their pain or feeling of discomfort and end up rubbing themselves.  So, do look for crying upon passing urine, running a fever, strong smelling urine, scratching their genitalia instead of rubbing.

Nervous touching

If your toddler is masturbating a lot then there is also the possibility that they are doing it because they feel anxious about something or aren’t getting enough attention at home. Sometimes arrival of a new sibling is the result or shifting to a new place or God forbid due to some new employee. So be sure to keep tabs on your kid’s masturbation and look into it if you feel as though something’s not quite right. 

For parents, there is absolutely nothing more awkward or embarrassing than catching your young child/ toddler in the act of masturbation, particularly when you’re in public or there are other people around. But do understand that the little one doesn’t know what he is doing, why is he doing and what consequences the parents will have to bear because of it. So deal the situation appropriately.

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