In view of the current outbreak of XDR – Typhoid, a typhoid vaccination campaign is going to start from 18th to 30th November 2019, during which all children 9 months to 15 years of age will be provided free of cost conjugate typhoid vaccine.

Keeping in mind that this vaccine is NOT available commercially and is ONLY, especially being made available for this campaign, this is an excellent opportunity to get your children vaccinated. Spread the message and create awareness.



A lot of queries have been popping up regarding this campaign. Instead of answering them separately i am making a single post to share awareness.

Q.Where should we get it from?

*EPI centres at all govt and private hospitals where vaccination facility is available. Schools are made to participate in this campaign as well.

Q. My kid was vaccinated a few months back should he also get it?because i know typhoid vaccine boosters are given two years apart and it hasnt been two years so what to do?

*This is a new type of vaccine (conjugated) which is not yet available in open market. It is more effective and longer lasting than the previous typhoid vaccines (polysaccharide
type). Even if the child is previously vaccinated for typhoid, he/she should still get this one.

Q. I have heard there should be a gap of one month between two vaccinations… My kid got his Flu shot last week. Should i still get him the shot?

* As a general rule one month gap should be given between all vaccinations. Reason being, we want time for vaccine to become effective in the body and secondly, time should be given so that if there are any immediate or delayed side effects, they should have been healed before other vaccination.
So, ideally speaking it is suggested that one month gap be given. But if theres no issue with the first vaccination and two weeks have been passed, second can be given.
18th to 30 th nov 2019 is a 12 day window you can get it done anytime.

Q. Government set up or private set up?
If you think private practitioners are minting money, get vaccination done from institutes which takes minimal charges with the surity of proper cold chain as well.
EPI vaccine schedule offers basic vaccinations that can be received from any govt institute as well as private. No private hospital can charge you for these vaccination. They only take fees for administering the vaccination.

Q. Will workers like Polio team come to our home to vaccinate our kids?

* No, these vaccines will be given at the EPI centres or schools. Teams like polio teams will visit the community to mobilize/motivate people to come for the vaccine. They have the task of creating awareness to people who arent already aware of the campaign and its venue in their area.

Details regarding other vaccinations:

To highlight importance of this vaccine sharing thoughts of Pediatric health professionals:

โ€œThe typhoid conjugate vaccine will not only save lives, but also bolster the fight against anti-microbial drug-resistance,โ€ said Dr Seth Berkley CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. โ€œExpanding vaccine coverage will play an important role in reducing illnesses and deaths from typhoid. โ€

Vaccines are one of the best investments we can make to give every child a healthy start and this WHO recommendation is an important step toward our goal of addressing the high burden of typhoid in children. For too long, typhoid, which invariably affects the world’s poorest communities, has been neglected in efforts to improve global health,” said Dr. Anita Zaidi, director of the Vaccine Development and Surveillance, and Enteric and Diarrheal Diseases teams at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “With this new vaccine, countries will finally be able to protect millions of children who are most vulnerable to this deadly disease.”

Compared to earlier typhoid vaccines, TCV provides longer-lasting protection, requires fewer doses and is suitable for children under two years of age. These advantages allow delivery through routine infant immunization programs and better protection of young children.