Flu shot !

Is the flu vaccine safe?

The flu vaccine is very safe, although there are some groups of people that shouldn’t get it. They include:

*Children less than 6 months of age.

*People who have had a severe reaction to the flu vaccine or any of its ingredients

Can flu vaccine give me the flu?

*A common worry is that the flu vaccine can give you the flu. This isn’t possible.

*The injectable flu vaccine is made from an inactivated form of the influenza virus or virus components that can’t cause infection.

What are the benefits of FLU vaccination?

Flu vaccination can keep you from getting sick with flu. Even if you get the flu the severity is less and also duration of days is less.

Flu vaccination can reduce the risk of flu-associated hospitalization for children, working age adults, and older adults.

A few concerns after getting the FLU shot are:

1. Still getting the flu

Sometimes you can get the flu shot and still come down with the flu. It takes around two to four weeks after receiving the vaccination for your body to develop immunity. During this time, you can still get catch the flu.

2. Severe allergic reaction

Some people may have a negative reaction to the flu shot. If you have a negative reaction to the vaccine, symptoms usually occur within minutes to hours after receiving the vaccine. Symptoms may include:

Difficulty breathing, wheezing, rapid heartbeat, rash or hives, swelling around the eyes and mouth, feeling weak or dizzy.

If you experience these symptoms after getting the flu vaccine, see your doctor. If the reaction is severe, RUSH to the emergency room.

Do I need to get the flu vaccine every year?

The flu vaccine is needed every year for two reasons.

*The first is that your body’s immune response to influenza decreases over time. Receiving the vaccine every year helps you have continued protection.

*The second reason is that the influenza virus is constantly changing. This means that the viruses that were prevalent in the previous flu season may not be in the upcoming season. The flu vaccine is updated every year to include protection against the influenza viruses most likely to circulate in the upcoming flu season.

Is the flu shot safe for babies?

All children over 6 months of age should receive the flu vaccine. Children under 6 months old are too young to receive the vaccine.
Flu vaccine side effects in babies are similar to those in adults. They may include:

*low-grade fever
*muscle aches
*soreness at the injection site

When should you get the flu shot?

Ideal time is August/September. People are often encouraged to receive the vaccine as soon as it’s available.

However, a recent study found that protection begins to wane over time following vaccination….usually after 8months. Since you’ll want to be protected throughout the entire flu season, you may not want to get your vaccine too early.








  1. Thank you for posting about this! We always get the flu shot especially since one of our children has pre asthma. Do you happen to know where a baby between 6months and 2 years can get vaccinated? I haven’t been able to find anywhere that will do it.


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