A penny for your thought๐Ÿ˜‰

Baby swallowed a COIN!!! What to do??

When a baby swallows a coin, there are two paths that the coin can take

A. The Food pipe pathway. If the coin takes this path the child might feel slight irritability due to its passage from throat which is a narrow passage but else no difficulty. The coin takes up to 4-7 days to pass out through the stool. Sometimes we can see it and sometimes we miss it. So you can repeat xray after a weeks time.
So stay calm.

B. Respiratory pathway.
Thats the dangerous one.
If stuck here, the child will have severe respiratory distress within minutes after swallowing.
*The child may even turn blue(cyanosis)
*The child has trouble breathing (labored breathing).
*The child is unable to cry or speak.
*There is drooling of the saliva.
*The child is unable to swallow food or water.
*The child breathes noisily or coughs.
*The child is seen to be choking.
*There can be loss of consciousness and continuous vomiting.
For any of the above mentioned issues, MEDICAL HELP is to be taken IMMEDIATELY.




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