~Eye infection

~Eye Infection
Regarding the ongoing Eye Infection i thought it wise to make a single post rather than answering all separately.

*Wrap a malmal cloth around fingers. Dip in luke warm water and then clean the eyes. From nose side of the eye to outward side. Use other side of cloth for the other eye. Wash the cloth for next use.
Massage the nose at the area closest to the eye.

  • Painkiller syrups help decrease pain.
    *If crusts are there it would be better if you visit an ophthalmologist who can examine and see if there’s need for topical drops.
    *Eye drops- one medicine is for one kid only.
    *If multiple kids are infected, DO NOT USE munni’s medicine for chinku. And once infection is over THROW away the remaining medicine.
  • It is a contagious condition. Infective 4-5 days before and after appearance of the symptoms. Hence, instead of a handkerchief give a soft tissue to the child so that after wiping the child may discard tissue preventing spread of infection.
  • When going outside its better to wear sun glasses/shades so that sunlight exposure may not cause pain.
    *It may take 5-7 days to leave.









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