Welcoming winters.

Winters in our part of the world are for short duration but when dealing with young babies it becomes a task to prevent them from cold and flu.
So here’s a guide for first time mommies.
Its not what naniz and dadiz are suggesting, its from medical point of view.

First thing first:
Winters do not mean that you make the baby a bundle of clothing. What you should focus on is that the head should be covered by a beanie, hands in a mitten and feet in socks. These are the main portals to catch a cold.


First layer: leggings and body suit
Second layer: full sleeves shirt with trouser
Third layer: sweater/jacket beanie, mittens, socks.
Keep a light blanket along.
When putting the blanket on the baby make sure it is such that the baby can move underneath it.
Heavy blankets are supposedly one of the causes of suffocation in babies.


If baby is on mother feed continue giving feed every 3-4 hourly. Take care of your diet and hydration levels as well. If bottle fed make sure sterilization is not compromised.
For kids 3 meals 2 snacks.
Give soups, yakhni, warm milk and kehwas. Make sure they drink adequate amount of water.


Babies tend to have frequent urination in winters. Do not let them stay in wet diapers for long time. Will give them bad rashes. Use warm water to wash the butt.
Petroleum jelly to avoid dryness and nappy rashes.

REGULAR MASSAGE: Massage is best to moisturize the skin of an infant. It plays a vital role in relaxing the baby and makes it easy to put to bed. You can use mild baby oil that is clinically approved and does not have any harm on your babyโ€™s skin.
For kids oiling atleast once a week is good enough.


It is essential to feed your baby after short intervals and make them sleep.The importance of proper nap and proper sleep are often underestimated. So feed them and make them sleep. Infants may sleep upto 10-12 hours in a day.
For kids atleast 8hours of sleep at night time and one hour nap in the afternoon is required.


Vitamin D is extremely important for all the babies. In a sunny day, take your baby out in the sun and let his body consume some vitamin D. When these essential elements will circulate in their body, it will automatically increase the immunity and create a defensive layer that will help in keeping the baby away from winter effects.

Check water-temperature before making the child bathe:

winters do not mean that babys are kept away from bathing or showering. Daily bath, shower or sponge bath is necessary. 12 noon to 2pm is a good time for these water activities.
It is important to check water temperature before making your baby bathe. The temperature of the water has to be set keeping in consideration the skin of the baby. Neither too cold Nor too hot.


This is especially important at night and during naps, when a persistent cough or difficulty breathing can prevent your child from getting the rest he needs. The moist air from humidifier, vaporizer will thin your toddler’s mucous secretions, helping to calm his cough and relieve congestion.


If you do not have the humidifier, give steam in the room or washroom by simply putting a pot of boiling water in the room with door and windows closed. The kid doesnt need to poke his face into the pot. Simply sitting in the room would do.

NORMAL SALINE DROPS- the ultimate help!

*Nose tends to get blocked so keep putting saline drops on 6 to 8hourly hourly basis….esp before the feed.

*How to put norsaline:

Put norsaline drops in both nostrils every 6hours. And try to make this time some what 15-20 mins before feed.
So, pull the head of the baby a little backwards and put 2 drops norsaline. Wait for 5mins. Then slightly massage the part of nose just below the bone. The kids gonna sneeze. If not, twist a tissue and put in nose. Dry it, clean it.
Or use a suction bulb to clean the nose.
Then you may feed.

Know when to visit the doctor.
While most winter viral infections clear up on their own within several days(7-10), some can turn into more serious conditions that require prompt treatment.
Visit a Pediatrician if the baby has any of the following

-Not taking feed
-Not passing adequate amount of urine
– sluggish or decreased activity.
– anything other than normal.

For a kid, the reason to visit a Pediatrician would be:

-A very sore throat that interferes with drinking enough fluids
-Wheezing or trouble breathing
-Diarrhoea or vomiting, which can lead to dangerous dehydration.
-A fever of 102 degrees or higher, or a milder fever that lasts for more than three days
– weird cough sound (croup)

Make time to snuggle.

When kids are feeling under the weather, they need a little extra care, attention and affection. So in addition to making chicken soup, running for the tissue box, and keeping a constant watch on your little one’s temperature, take out time to simply snuggle with him, cuddle him, read story to him and obviously hug him.


Hope this helps you enjoy the winters without any tension of dealing with a sick baby.
-happy winters.