Diarrahoea Protocol

Considering the recent increase in the Diarrahoea related queries i have decided to share a basic Diarrahoea Protocol. That, you can start without consulting anyone.


*Low osmolar ors. (Made in two glasses of water)
*Probiotic like Enterogermina
*Zinc supplement for 10-14 days
*KYB diet (khitchri, yoghurt and banana)
Dont put sugar in yoghurt

*Avoid eating from hawkers…esp during the rain.
*Give boiled water to kids for drinking. Even if using filtered water on Mineral water, it is to be boiled.
*Make the kids wash hands with soap after coming out of toilet and before starting a meal.
*Nails to be cut every Friday.


If the baby is on motherfeed then even he passes a stool after every feed then thats normal. But if the Consistency is watery, Quantity large and Frequency more than normal then consider it as Diarrahoea.
Do give frequent feeds and keep an eye on hydration status. You may give :
Low Osmolar Ors

Danger signs:
RUSH to hospital if you see the following danger signs:
– Baby stops taking feed
– Decrease urine output (less than 5 urine /day)
– Decrease activity
– Weak cry
– Anything other than normal
– Fever

Hoping to see no Diarrahoea related posts now.


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